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  • 2009
    Electro-Mechanical Enterprise (PECC2- EVN)

    Quality control staff

    2009-2011: Quality control staff – Electro-Mechanical Enterprise (PECC2- EVN) This is a manufacturing factory, the products of the company are electrical equipment. I worked there from Apr-2009 to Apr-2011. My main duties in the company are: - Ensure the quality of material input. - Patrol inspection in production stages include Cutting stage, Punching stage, Welding stage, Zinc plating, and Assembly. - Ensure quality output products. - Daily - Weekly report, 5S.

  • 2011
    BTInternational Corp

    Quality control leader

    2011-2014: Quality Leader – BTinternaltional Corporation. This company is a manufacturing and trading company. The products are kitchen equipment such as kitchen cabinet, Heating cabinet, refrigerator, rack,…I worked there from Jul-2011 to Feb-2014. My main duties are: - Control quality activities team - Build the quality control system include standards, checkpoint, templates. - Assistance for factory manager. - Ensure quality of product include input material to output products. - Control non-conformities products. - Improvement. - 5S - Control customer complaints. - Solving the issues from the project team. - Weekly report to factory manager and CEO.

  • 2016

    Quality Assurance manager

    2014-2016: Quality Assurance Manager – HMD JSC. This is a trading company. Company buys the products from Vendor at Vietnam and China, after, Ship to US and sale on AMAZON website.I worked there from Nov-2014 to Dec-2016. The main product is sport and Yoga products. My duties include: - Planning for quality inspection at the supplier. - Evaluate Vietnam and China suppliers ( China only document check) - Build the quality of products. - Control R&D team. - Check and confirm sample products. - Build supplier handbook. - Final goods audit at supplier site ( only Vietnam supplier) - Statistics the comments of the customer, submit the improvement ideas and solutions to the CEO according to customer comments at Amazon.com and Ebay.com.

  • 2015
    Trimmers Vietnam Co., Ltd

    Quality Control Manager

    2016-2019: Quality Control Manager – Trimmers Vietnam Co., Ltd. This is a manufacturing company. The products are Hardware for Luggage and luggage. Almost products were manufactured by many stages such as Injection plastic, Make steel pipe, Punching, Anodizing, Polishing, Assembly. The main customer is Addidas, The North Face, Coleman, LL Bean, Osprey,…I worked there from Jan 2017 to Jan 2019. My main duties include: - Manage quality team: Factory 1: 44 employees and Factory 2: 19 employees. - Planned the resource according to production and minimum cost rules. - Determine quality objectives and control plan to achieve them. - Build the quality environment in the team according to rules: 1st quality, effective, co-operation, connection, together, support, sharing, helpful and have value. - Managing and exploiting human resources effectively. - Build quality system and awareness quality one by one in the quality system team. - Build competence matrix, examinations, testing, and approval standard follow the matrix. - Build quality standard ( for product, process, audit), S.O.P. - Training QC competence to employees. - Training ISO 9001:2015 awareness and internal auditor. - Control customer complaints and satisfy the requirements of the customer. - Design quality control plan: control points, dangerous points, breakpoint -> to ensure the quality of products before delivery to the customers. o Control defect under quality objective. o Control NCR – include build and monitor the criteria to close NC. - External providers: Ensure the quality of material, semi-product provide by an external providers. Audit at the planned interval - to ensure all external providers have enough competence and their quality system have effective. - Lead internal auditor, manage ISO document. o Planned to audit. o Prepare the Human resource for audit ( ensure the internal auditor have enough the competences). o Audit and audit report, follow the corrective action. o Suggest the improvement. - Highest is responsible about quality of product, quality system of the company with BOD.



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